About me

Pip Shepley’s work reveals his interests in the byproducts of human endeavor, the resilience of nature and the impermanence of man’s efforts. 

His photographs have been shown at the Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge MA, Gallery 297, Bristol RI and Photography Atelier at the Griffin Museum of Photography. 

Shepley has studied with photographers John Paul Caponigro, Ron Rosenstock, and Laurie Klein.  He is a member of the Griffin Museum of Photography, North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), Concord Art Association, and The Photographic Resource Center and is a juried member of the Cambridge Art Association.  


About the photos

Photos are grouped into "Visible Light" and "Infrared".  Infrared uses a specially modified camera which is mostly sensitive to wavelengths of light unseen by the human eye.  This makes it a bit of an adventure, both to capture and to view.